Tijuana TransformArte

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DELAMANO por el mundo visited different communities in Tijuana. Our mission is to improve the lives of poor children through the arts.

“Pedacito de Cielo”, lead by Mother Veronica. Their mission is to help to improve the children lives trough  art workshops.  Children stay safe and protected when they visit “Pedacito de Cielo” especially those children living in poverty and facing risk factors associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

We work with volunteers who have always used art to express themselves taking their passion to help others discover their love for art. Our creative courses help the children to improve their creativity by doing creative painting, music, circus, storytelling, theatre, and many more…


DELAMANO provides inclusive programs and specialised programs for young people who are facing challenges such as poor educational experiences, family breakdown, mental health issues, substance abuse and offending behaviours.

Cañón Las Palmas

This is a rural school located in the valleys outside Tijuana, Mexico with more than 120 students. While education is technically free in Mexico, local communities must construct and outfit school buildings and provide school supplies. Unfortunately, many small villages lack the resources to make this feasible.  As a result many children are attending schools that are little more than shacks, lacking in the most basic school supplies. Despite the hard work and eagerness of the students, it’s hard to do much learning under these circumstances. Teachers in these schools are young. In return for a scholarship to complete their university education student teachers have the opportunity to teach for two or more years in an underserved rural school.

Some of those communities lack the resources necessary to incorporate the arts into the school curriculum for that reason DELAMANO por el mundo brought there different kind of art workshops.

DELAMANO believe that by sharing work in intimate groups, students can learn to develop and feel secure in their academic endeavors. Such work also helps individuals become self-confident and listen respectfully to others. We teach participants how to use their natural surroundings to generate ideas.

Esperanza” El Florido, Puente Lamar

Chilpancingo, near Tecate highway.


What our workshops participants all have in common is an interest in the creative process, a spirit of curiosity, and the desire to explore and harness the power of their imaginations.

Nexa Panamericana, School “Niños Héroes”


Our organization encourages the advancement of progressive social change by using art.

El Maclovio Rojas

Our workshops develop children and young people’s creativity through visual arts, music, drama, circus arts, etc.

Mi primer Ecologito

Children helping the nature

A group of children in charge of caring for the nature and sharing knowledges through their radio.

These were workshops for poor people, led by poor people, fit into the lives of poor people…

… An equal world is possible.

DELAMANO por el mundo is looking for volunteers to teach art workshops for people in need.

contact us.

Medical Mission-Tijuana, MX.

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Mission accomplished in Tijuana

DELAMANO Por el Mundo connects healthcare volunteers with people that need them, increasing access to quality healthcare.

Or main goal  is to provide medical care to a large number of underserved people. The medical missions in Tijuana are directed and coordinated by a team of volunteers that includes doctors, nurses and non-healthcare personnel. Our current Board Members:

Luis Carlos Robles Ibarra, MD.

Martha Zamora, assistant.

Maggie Solano, assistant.

Juan Carlos Ramirez, assistant.

Xavi Carreras, assistant.


During our 1st mission in Tijuana, Mexico, we attended 40-50 people (approximately). All of them received the required medication and also a small lunch.

Whats Next? Keep looking for volunteers and resources to continue this amazing work.

How can you help? Spread with friends, family and neighbours the work we do and remember that you can be part of the change, join our movement, join our volunteer team!

More information: Tijuana Transformarte


All volunteers use their free time with the goal to serve people in their greatest need! You can be part of our next mission, keep in touch!


Tijuana schools

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Visiting schools and talking with little students in Tijuana, México.
No matter where they live, what language they speak, no matter what they face or how they live, they’re always so joyful!
DELAMANO Por el Mundo is committed to working to eliminate child marginalisation and improving education chances for children.
Do you know that poverty and marginalisation are major causes of exclusion?
Households in rural or remote communities and children in urban slums have less access to education. Working children, those belonging to indigenous groups and linguistic minorities, nomadic children and those affected by HIV/AIDS are among the vulnerable groups. (unesco.org)
Do you want to be part of the change?

You can participate!

Special thanks to Yolanda Valdez Resendez and CONAFE.


Let’s change the world

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We believe that for the real change we must act, and the time is NOW. Using available tools we can generate a positive impact on  people around us, our family, our neighbours, our comunity or even the world.We know that this change cannot be achieved from one day to another but we can start TODAY, in this second at this moment.

We want to invite YOU to join this movement, TO YOU who dream about a better world with equal opportunities for all. TO YOU who got a lot to offer, TO YOU who life has treated you well, to you who got talents or TO YOU that just want to help others. WE invite you to share with those in need, We invite you to help us in this way.  BE PART OF THE CHANGE.

A WORLD without shoes

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More than 1 billion children and adults suffer from parasitic diseases, causing sickness and even death. Many of these parasitic diseases can be prevented simply by wearing shoes….
Don’t forget that in some countries a pair of shoes is a lucky object.
Joint the movement and support our programs that provide shoes for children in developing communities.

What is De La Mano?

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Who we are?

De la mano is a movement of travellers from all over the world. We are people who dream, who like to travel, and want to help.

We believe that a more equal society is only possible with opportunities for all through music, art and education.

How do we do it?

We create an international network between developing communities and volunteers with different skills, knowledge and backgrounds. We share and live with locals at the same time we provide them trainning and education.

We connect people who want to help and those who need help.

We also think that laughter is the best cure and that is why we share our talents and art as smile-generating tools.

The good news is that you can participate.

There are many ways:

  • Become a member. Be part of this growing worldwide community and help us to spread the word.


  • By donating you are supporting our projects around the world.


  • If you are planning to go somewhere you can do it in a very meaningful way so remember that the best thing is that you can do this while travelling.

So stop thinking! It’s time for action. A better world is possible and everyone can help.

Get in touch for more information.

Join the movement and be part of something massive.



Walking together Hand in Hand. The Philippines

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As a part of our programs Delamano por el mundo distributed clothes, shoes, school bags and school supplies in the local community.
That wonderful day we did also a circus activities and our regular feeding program in partnership with Villa Sandra Guesthouse.
We want to thank our sponsor: Logotech Creativity, and our donors @Jenny Lopez, ICenter Colombia and Ivy. Thanks a lot once again from the bottom of our heart for help us to make it happen, for your kindness, generosity time and effort. The roll that you play was a very important part in making the event such a successful one. Words cannot express how we feel.
“A better world can be possible only if we work together hand in hand “.
DELAMANO por el Mundo


A Circus Day

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DELAMANO brings the joy of educational entertainment to thousands of children through performances and workshops.
Why Circus? Help children to learn, develop and grow.
Special thanks to our beloveds artist, for their compassion, joy and love… the world Definitely Need More People Like Them. Alberto, Niño, Adrian, Jay.
To Mr Jun Jun, the lovely staff of Villa Sandra Guesthouse and to all those who support us.
Special thanks also to the photographer Ignacio Izquierdo. Visit his web: ignacioizquierdo.com
We Couldn’t Make It Without Them!
We love u!