Delamano has grown gradually from a small family until it became what it is today, an international movement that promotes travel and solidarity providing help and support to those most in need regardless of race, religion, etc. Our dream is a better world. This is just beginning and you can be part of it …

How can you help us?

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    By Donating, you support our projects around the world. You also contribute to the continuation and growth of this movement. With just a dollar we can buy many educational materials.

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    Volunteering is about giving your time, energy and skills freely! We need volunteers who share the same mission and have the same passion to work hand in hand with us…Your participation will change people’s lives for the better!

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    To share our philosophy through social networks and different media. To collaborate to organize events locally. To help organize information sessions in your city. If you want to be an ambassador of Delamano in your city contact us and we will inform you about our projects around the world.

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    With just a click you can do much, like us on our Fan page and make this idea go further.Speak of our site, make others know about us, the bigger our community will be more chances we will have to form networks and so more likely we will find more people that have more and willing to share with the less fortunate.




"Trabajar junto a DELAMANO es una de las cosas mas felices que vivi"
"Work along with DELAMANO is one of the most beautiful things I lived"




"Usar el arte como herramienta para ayudar a las personas es grandioso"

"Using art as a social tool to help people is wonderful"




"La amistad es el lo que nos mantiene unidos como una familia"
"Our friendship makes us feel like a family"

You canof the change.

Join us!

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