What is De La Mano?

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Who we are?

De la mano is a movement of travellers from all over the world. We are people who dream, who like to travel, and want to help.

We believe that a more equal society is only possible with opportunities for all through music, art and education.

How do we do it?

We create an international network between developing communities and volunteers with different skills, knowledge and backgrounds. We share and live with locals at the same time we provide them trainning and education.

We connect people who want to help and those who need help.

We also think that laughter is the best cure and that is why we share our talents and art as smile-generating tools.

The good news is that you can participate.

There are many ways:

  • Become a member. Be part of this growing worldwide community and help us to spread the word.


  • By donating you are supporting our projects around the world.


  • If you are planning to go somewhere you can do it in a very meaningful way so remember that the best thing is that you can do this while travelling.

So stop thinking! It’s time for action. A better world is possible and everyone can help.

Get in touch for more information.

Join the movement and be part of something massive.



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